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Giving Students a Voice

Giving Students a Voice

by Hallmark, 04/01/2019

Students are capable to excel in the other skills but they find it difficult to express their opinions without any fear. They have a common fear of making a fool of themselves in front of their peers. More than instruction they need is confidence and the motivation to speak out in class and not be afraid to do so. Making students speak is a way to voice out their apprehensions regarding anything. We being one of the best CBSE Schools in Panchkula, encourage our kids to have their say on a particular topic.

To boosts up their morale and self-confidence, we also encourage our students to pen down their thoughts. Penning down their thoughts is one such way. It is a way through which one can convey their opinions and share their views. When they know that their work is being read and heard by people they feel empowered. Writing also helps them to express themselves in a better way. This activity on the other hand also enhances their reading and writing skills. Jotting down their thoughts helps them to explore different topics and multiplies their knowledge. This process helps to trigger the creative side of students and helps them to build their own little creative world.

We at our school make students feel that they matter and are included in the school and classroom with open arms. We entail integrating student’s voice into schools everyday routine by creating different opportunities for students. We plan activities in such a way that are relatable to their interest and lives. The aim of indulging in such a process is to enable students to use their knowledge. This makes students comfortable in sharing their voices. When students are given the flexibility and privilege to direct their education, they enjoy and treasure the schooling experience, which helps them to become life-long learners.

Hallmark Public School counted among Top 10 Schools in Panchkula, indulges students in group discussions and elocution to give a pattern to their voice. Students from our schools have also participated for the same at international levels and brought laurels for our school. We motivate them to read about current happenings and discuss the same. Such activities help them to develop their intuitive thinking along with the skill of writing which help them to voice out their thoughts.

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