How to Encourage Students to Embrace Latest Educational Trends
How to Encourage Students to Embrace Latest Educational Trends

How to Encourage Students to Embrace Latest Educational Trends

by Hallmark Public School, 09/03/2022

Even if it appears that a post-pandemic world in which face-to-face instruction is once again conceivable is now possible, no one can determine whether courses will return to their former state. To make schooling more convenient for students, educational institutions will still have to offer distance learning. Educational activities will be ineffective if students have difficulty accepting remote learning in the first place.

Here are some tips from best school in Panchkula that parents, guardians, and students can follow to make the transition to online learning as smooth as possible.

Create an environment that is favorable to learning:

It is critical for children to have a dedicated environment at home that is favourable to successful learning in order to achieve at their best. It shouldn’t just be a desk and chair in the corner of your living room. If at all possible, assist them in making it a place where they would want to spend time. You may assist in personalise the room by putting up some of their artwork or combining things they like and placing them within reach, in addition to the study table and chair. The goal is to create a happy and comfortable environment for them, not merely a learning environment.

Choose the best online learning platform for you:

If this is your child’s first encounter with distance learning, you’ll need to take certain precautions to make the transition as smooth as possible. To avoid feelings of overwhelm and concern, demonstrate to them that online learning isn’t as horrible as they think it is by encouraging them to experiment with other online platforms first. There are also some that provide individualised training to match the specific requirements of the learner. If what the school has to give isn’t cutting it, or if they require additional resources beyond what their professors can provide to better absorb the course material, it’s worth looking into other online platforms to supplement their learning.

Establish norms and objectives:

When students know what is expected of them, research shows that they work more – and achieve higher grades. Furthermore, if they were part of the formulation of the regulations, they are more inclined to follow them. Professor Charis Lauren Wahman Ph.D. of Michigan State University recommends having an open conversation with your child about home expectations so that you can both establish clear standards for online study. However, it’s also critical to remain supportive and collaborative so that students don’t feel pressured to finish their course work.

Take a mental break:

According to a CNBC story, seat time does not always equal learning time. You can’t expect to get eight hours of focused study by replacing eight hours of school with eight hours in front of Zoom. This type of arrangement is mentally hard for all students. There should be set brain pauses where students may regroup and recharge — by doing breathing exercises, rehydrating and replenishing, and walking about – to help them focus. Because best CBSE school Panchkula encourages to practice regular physical exercise is so important in school, including movement into the school day is just as important in this age of virtual education.

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