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Cursive Writing Fuels Creativity

Cursive Writing Fuels Creativity

by Hallmark, 14/03/2019

Print Letter recognition is essential only for reading.

Cursive is a very important skill from a cognitive standpoint for the following reasons:

~Hand-eye coordination

~Sensory-motor coordination.

~Thinking memory.

~Dynamically engages both hemispheres of the brain.

~Visual recognition requirements create a broader repertoire of letter representation.

We at Hallmark Public School, counted among top 10 CBSE schools in Panchkula, have come up with some reasons as to why you might consider teaching cursive handwriting rather than print handwriting:

• Ease of teaching cursive – There are 3 main strokes – under curve, over curve and up and down. Print has at least 6 including various shapes and perfect circles i.e. pre-writing lines.

• Prevents reversals and confusion of letters – “b” and “d” are the most common reversals in print.

• Less potential for errors – Cursive is a continuous, fluid movement, which leaves room for fewer errors.

• Enforces skills and patterns for reading and writing – In cursive, all lower case letters start at the bottom, as opposed to print which starts at various points depending on the letter.

• Prevents too much space between letters and words – The flow of cursive handwriting is from left to right which encourages spatial discipline. In print, children often have letters too close together or words spaced too far apart.

• Helps left-handed children – This one really surprised me, but makes sense. With print, the left-handed child will write printing from left to right but will cover what he has written with his arms. This is called the hook position. In cursive writing, the left-handed child learns to write from the bottom up and turns the paper clockwise which increases comfort and legibility.

Considered as one of the best Panchkula CBSE schools, at Hallmark Public School we incorporate various teaching techniques that help students master the art of cursive writing. These help children to improve their cognitive and visual skills.

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