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Memory Management

Memory Management

by Hallmark, 06/03/2019

Memory is a crucial aspect of enhancing our skills and remembering some of the most valuable moments of our lives. It is the ability to store and retain experiences and information.

There are three types of memories:

– Sensory: Originates from our sensory organs, nose, and eyes.
– Short term: Used to process sensory memories.
– Long term: Most of our short term memory transfer to long term memory.

Children tend to forget things easily when burdened with a lot of information. As one of the best schools in tricity, Hallmark Public School has come up with a few tricks for parents and teachers to help students memorize their lessons better.

Active Learning

Engage your child in discussions on various topics. Ask him what he thinks. It helps a child develop critical thinking.

Visual Aids

Teachers should include visual aids in the classroom. If you are teaching the digestive system, bring charts along so that children understand its functioning. While informing them about the working of the system, you can also show videos which will help them remember for long.

Do not Overload them with Information

Do not teach them everything all at once. Make students learn everything, step by step in bits and pieces. Also, while you are at it, make sure you provide in-depth information.

Let them Teach

Tell students to make presentations on different topics or prepare lectures. This way they will understand on their own, which will help them retain lessons better. You can correct them later.

Make Learning Fun

While teaching students, make it fun by incorporating games. You can make them learn by taking them to museums and places that are of great importance.

Give Plenty of Examples

Children learn when they link lessons in real-life situations. When you see a man helping an elderly make your child learn the importance of kindness. Also, tell them to give such examples.

Considered as one of the best Panchkula CBSE schools, at Hallmark Public School we incorporate various techniques that help students memorize their lessons. These help children boost their memory and make it easier for them to recall.

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