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Explore, Learn and Grow with Hallmark

Explore, Learn and Grow with Hallmark

by Hallmark, 28/12/2018

Children receive and learn or process information in different ways partly from the environment and partly from genetic profiles. Parents and educators have identified three primary learning styles namely Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.

Hallmark Public School being the Best CBSE schools in Panchkula believes it is important to identify a child’s learning style so that we can shape their educational experiences according to their learning style at the same time giving importance to all-around learning. Knowing a child’s learning style will let us have a stronger grasp of how to help students and how we can guide them accordingly.

The following ways will help to find a child’s learning style:

– Observe how your child expresses. When a child learns through a particular style they tend to more expressive through that style. For instance:

• Auditory learners can best express themselves through words. They have a tendency to read their text out a lot.

• Visual learners express themselves more aptly through facial expressions.

• Kinesthetic learners express themselves through body language, mostly by using more of their hands.

– Interests of the child: A child’s learning style is also reflected through their interests.

• Auditory learners show their interest in music and sounds. They are easily distracted by noises and loud sounds, and possibly find all things exciting where there is music involved.

• Visual learners often show their interests both in reading and watching TV. They enjoy looking at photographs, scenic views and other interesting objects due to the common thread of visual stimulation.

• Kinesthetic learners have a keen interest in all sorts of physical activities. They like to do everything from swimming, running to playing baseball or basketball. All sorts of activities that can keep their hands busy are enjoyed by such learners.

– Problem-solving ability: Kids always prefer to solve their problem that correlates with their learning style.

• Auditory learners, for instance, find solutions to their problems by talking and discussing. They may either mumble to themselves or talk with others to find solutions to their problems.

• Visual learners always use their eyes to solve their problems. They always prefer to keep the place they are using neat and tidy. They are a quick observer and locate if something is out of place.

• Kinesthetic learners will usually use their hands to solve the problems. For instance, they may count with their fingers while trying to solve math problems. They will always prefer those objects as their learning tools with which they can interact or are able to touch them.

Children will show balance among all the learning styles but there will a particular style with which they will be comfortable and that particular style will allow them to thrive upon. Being listed among top Panchkula schools, Hallmark public school focuses on students learning style because we believe that it will benefit their study and enhances that style.

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