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Empowering Young Minds

Empowering Young Minds

by Hallmark, 18/12/2018

There is no limitation and boundaries to learning. It enables young minds to take part in shaping a better future for the world. It emphasizes unity, the interdependence of human society by developing a sense of appreciation, culture and diversity. It begins with raising awareness on global issues and attain deeper understanding on attitudes of people and encourages them to reflect on their own role and their contribution in the world.

Empowering experiences help students to realize that they don’t have to only excel in academic fields but also excel in other fields to be a good student. Teachers at Hallmark Public School counted among the Best CBSE schools in Panchkula helps students to gain confidence and develop life skills and provide encouragement that will help them continue in the direction of their dreams and interest.

Students need teachers who believe in them and empower them to discover and follow their dreams. They need teachers who care about them as individuals and inspire them to grow and educate them as a whole child.

Teachers can use the following ideas to empower their students:

– Analyze the whole curriculum unit and see what areas of the units can be taught through student-led projects.

– Students should be given an opportunity to teach a part of a lesson.

– Let students have a voice in the classroom and let them provide feedback.

– Think about activities that could be delegated to students.

– Identify those students who excel in a subject and ask them to assist fellow students who are struggling.

– Give students an opportunity to work together in groups.

– Giving students the power to choose, create a sense of ownership over the learning.

The most powerful resource in classrooms is something collective, diverse imagination, observation, different opinions, hopes and dreams of students. We at Hallmark Public School listed among Top 10 Schools in Panchkula believe that by empowering students we are encouraging them to excel in different fields. We engage them further in learning and provide them with a more democratic learning experience.

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