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Five Student Engagement Strategies

Five Student Engagement Strategies

by Hallmark Public School, 10/11/2021

Keeping student engagement rates high is crucial for their academic development. In this case, educators can opt for different strategies and methods.

Do you see students doodling in their notebooks while you are teaching? Despite the exciting topics you have, students can still feel detached and bored. For that, educators need to find different ways to boost student engagement. It is a well-known fact that students who actively engage in classrooms fare better in tests and academically. Now, it falls on the teachers to make sure that the student remains engaged. 

Top student engagement strategies

We at Hallmark Public School, being one of the top CBSE Schools Panchkula use various student engagement strategies that educators can adopt. Here are some of them listed below –

  • Learn the interest of your students

First of all, you need to know the personal interest of your students. It is vital that you understand what engages them so that you can integrate them into the learning process. For instance, if your student loves cricket, then you can use cricket terminologies in math problems. Moreover, you can also print a cricket-themed worksheet for the student. Now, you just need to step back watch their engagement levels rise immediately!

  • Find the perfect balance between technology and conventional methods

In today’s era, technology plays a vital role and can significantly increase student engagement levels. If you stick to the traditional methods, it might lead to boredom and disinterest. The best solution is to integrate digital and traditional methods perfectly.

For instance, you can conduct digital tests and quizzes for assessments. Apart from this, educators can also opt for animated tutorials to capture attention.

  • Let there be no “dead time.”

Dead time is basically the time in which students do not have any work to do. For instance, you are waiting for a video to load. That time is enough to tune out the students. Getting back their attention will then become a huge ordeal.

You need to fill up the dead time with different activities. Tell your students to write down questions from the topic that they have already learned. 

  • Form groups

Solo studying is not for everyone and can lead to utter boredom. Instead, separate students into small groups and give them assignments. Apart from learning how to collaborate, they will also find some excitement. Besides, make sure that you declare that the winner will get some reward. Here, you need to focus on ensuring that you find suitable partners or groups. 

  • Give your students choices.

Giving students choices will increase the engagement rate instantly. After all, who doesn’t want freedom? If you are confused about the activities that can interest the students, allow them to tell you. For example, give them different activities and ask them to choose the one they want to perform. Moreover, you can also ask them suggestions regarding assessment design. Besides, allowing them to make decisions inculcates a sense of ownership while learning. 

The best school in Panchkula Hallmark Public School believes well cooperative learning strategies helps educators to increase the student engagement rate. It is vital to understand that you need to know the mindset and interests of each student. Then, you can leverage that information to increase their interest and engagement rate. 

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