Online Education! Has it Ruined Traditional Learning?
Online Education! Has it Ruined Traditional Learning?

Online Education! Has it Ruined Traditional Learning?

by Hallmark Public School, 26/10/2021

With the changing times and circumstances, online education came as a savior for the students so that they do not miss out on their education amid this pandemic. While everyone was confined to homes, so were students not being able to go to school. In this process, studies were getting the most affected. The only alternative that was left with schools was to conduct online classes to keep the students engaged in their studies. We at Hallmark Public top school in Panchkula understood the need of the hour and switched to online classes.

Pro’s that Online Classes Bring:

Everyone had a misconception that online classes might not be as fruitful for the students with the going trend of traditional classroom learning. Obviously, the sudden transition was a bit difficult but everyone got accustomed to it sooner or later and it turned out to be a huge success. Many schools have permanently switched to online classes even in their schools.

1. Students were able to go through the lectures again and again which was not possible during traditional learning.
2. With animated examples, students were able to understand the concepts thoroughly.
3. Introvert students were able to clear their doubts which were not possible during traditional learning because of a sense of fear that “what their peers might think”
4. Students became tech-savvy and were able to explore new techniques about the technology.

Cons of Online Classes:

If online classes have multiple pro’s they will certainly have bad repercussions too and here are some cons listed that were not too common during traditional learning.

1. Students also engaged themselves in gathering irrelevant information during their ongoing online classes.
2. Lethargy came as a gift in return because students glued themselves to screens in their beds and no physical activity was there.
3. The camaraderie that schools teach during traditional learning was missing.
4. Students are required to spend more time in front of the screens which may result in health problems especially eyes.

Since online classes have taken over now and students have found their solace in online classes it is becoming difficult for them to go back to traditional learning now as schools have reopened. But we at Hallmark Public best school in Panchkula are giving our students to transit back into the traditional form of learning by providing them the Pros of online classes. We understand that students take their own time to overcome a change.

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