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Healthy Food for Healthier Mind and Body

Healthy Food for Healthier Mind and Body

by Hallmark, 07/12/2018

When temperature drops and daylight hours are shortened energy level along with mood can take a big drop. As winters get set to bite our immune system we look for traditional warming food. Our diet is crucial which boost our immune system to make sure that we get the right nutrition that our body needs to fight off cold and flu. To keep children fit and healthy it is important for them to have fruits and vegetable as a part of their diet. It is important for their health, growth, and development.

We at hallmark – Best School in Panchkula believe that for holistic development of students it is crucial for them to have a diet that is full of nutrition.

We have listed down a few tips that will keep our student’s immune system fit this winters:

1. For our immune system to function properly zinc contributes a lot. Food such as spinach, nuts beans peas is a good source of zinc which will help our students to prevent from cold or flu.

2. Fish, milk, eggs, and cheese are a great source of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 contributes to normal functioning of the immune system and it also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

3. Roasted root vegetables that are delicious and sweet at the same time or soups packed with vegetables especially with lots of garlic and ginger are comforting and full of nutrition that is necessary to have this winter.

4. We suggest adding citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper to our student’s meal as they are rich in vitamin c which plays important role in our immune system and energy level.

5. Cauliflowers are delicious and they easily blend with other flavors. It is rich in vitamin c and k for the healthy immune system and healthy bones. It is important for growth and development while fibre promotes a stable energy level and good digestion.

It is extra important to focus on adequate nutrition in this time of the year as kids might be less active in cold winter months. The common signs to witness this change will be changes in their mood energy focus appetite and sleep. Hallmark listed among Top 10 schools in Panchkula suggest to parents to follow these tips and help their kids to stay fit healthy and happy this winter.

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