Helpful Tips to Reduce Homework Distractions for Your Child
Helpful Tips to Reduce Homework Distractions for Your Child

Helpful Tips to Reduce Homework Distractions for Your Child

by Hallmark Public School, 22/09/2022

One of the most challenging tasks a student faces while studying is a distraction. Most parents look for ways to help their children study with full concentration. But, the problem is children see homework as a tedious task. As a result, they sometimes become off-task. But fortunately, there are ways by which you can help children reduce homework distractions.

Hallmark Public School, the best CBSE school in Panchkula suggests some useful tips for parents with a child who needs some help staying on task.

Tips to Reduce Homework Distractions for Your Child:

  • Schedule Small Breaks: Make sure to give your child small breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 20 to 30 minutes. It will help your child refresh his or her mind. Otherwise, your child will get frustrated and bored, resulting in drifting away from It can be as simple as taking a short walk to your child’s study room and talking to them for a while.
  • Create a Learning Space: You must provide a space for your child in your home for study Most importantly, this space should be distraction-free and has all the supplies like pens, pencils, copies, and others that your child may need to work. Good study space can positively impact your child to concentrate on their homework more effectively.
  • Engage Yourself with Your Child: Keeping yourself engaged with your child’s study and homework has many benefits, especially when you have a younger kid. It does not mean that you have to do their homework, but make sure to encourage your child to complete his/her homework by helping him/her find answers to the questions, making things simpler for them to understand, etc.
  • Mix-Up Subjects: Suppose you find that your child is getting distracted while solving mathematical problems. Then what you can do is help your child switch to another assignment. It is better to come back to any unfinished homework later when your child will be in a fresh state of mind.
  • Offer Rewards: Sometimes, children stick to their points of not completing their homework. During such time, you can offer your child a little reward like a small trip to the park, a bar of chocolate or ice cream, allowing them to watch their favourite cartoon show, etc., for getting tasks completed. It works like magic, especially for the younger child. But also, make sure to keep your promise after your child completes the task. Otherwise, this trick will not work the next time!
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