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How to Help Your Kids Handle Disappointment?

How to Help Your Kids Handle Disappointment?

by Hallmark Public School, 07/09/2022

Disappointment is considered a healthy emotion for children. It is because it can help them understand the difference between their dream world and reality. But disappointment can be productive for children only when parents can teach them how to manage it well. Yes, it is hard to feel disappointment and harder to watch your child be disappointed. But generally, kids benefit from feeling disappointed especially when you teach them how to bounce back.

Hallmark Public School, the best CBSE school in Panchkula comes with some effective strategies for you so that you can help your child handle disappointment and get a positive outcome from it.

Tips to Help Your Child Manage Disappointment:

  • Allow them to Feel Disappointed: Parents always try to spare their children from pain and heartache. It is because; they don’t want their child seeing distressed. As a result, they always try to remove that feeling of their child by distracting them. But experts say that parents must allow their children to feel disappointed. It can potentially motivate good decision-making in your child.
  • Affirm Your Child’s Capabilities: The majority of parents try to improve the mood of their children by offering them some temptation such as chocolate, ice cream, their favourite toys, or anything else. But it is not always good, instead, it is important to affirm your child that he/she is capable of managing such a situation. In this way, you can help your child to develop confidence.
  • Give Some Space: Sometimes you should give your child some physical and emotional space to work through their feeling. It is an effective way to help your child affirm their competence. But it does not mean that you completely left your child alone with their disappointment, instead, you need to quietly talk with your child and craft a solution together.
  • Get Close to Your Child: If your child feels more comfortable with you close by, make sure you offer hugs and cuddles if it makes your child feel relief. Make sure you present calmly to your child which can help your child build a confident inner voice.
  • Observe the Ending of the Disappointment: It is important to wait and observe the ending of your child’s disappointment. It will help your child understand that feelings diminish over time.


These are some effective tips for the parents suggested by Hallmark Public School, one of the top CBSE schools in Panchkula so that they can help their children deal with disappointment most effectively.

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