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Respect – How to Teach It and How to Show It

Respect – How to Teach It and How to Show It

by Hallmark, 16/02/2019

One of the most important lessons that can be taught to children is respect. It can be done only when they are shown respect. Just like you teach them how to eat and how to write, respect can be taught in the same way; after all, kids follow our footsteps right from the start. Hallmark Public School, the best CBSE school in Panchkula, has come up with various tips on how to teach and show respect to children.

Respect Your Kids

In order to teach them something, you need to cultivate those values in yourself as well. Correcting kids in a polite and respectful manner is the key. If you start talking to them in a disrespectful way, things will only accelerate.

Treat Others Around You With Respect

The way your children speak to others is a reflection of what they see, therefore, it is important to show others respect. That’s how your kids will learn to be kind and show humility.

Instill a Positive Atmosphere for Your Kids

Do not embarrass your child in front of others. Learn to encourage and appreciate their ideas.

Take Accountability

When you make a mistake, apologize, even if it is a small one. Your kids will learn to take responsibility for the things they do in the long run.

Be Polite

Keep your office issues outside when you enter your house. It is important to have a positive atmosphere at home. Say “Thank-you” and “Please” often. Respect your kids’ boundaries and don’t push them to do something they aren’t ready to do.

Follow Rules

When your kids see you breaking a rule they are likely to break it too. They might take stuff for granted. Therefore, make them learn the importance of rule and regulations to instill discipline in them.

Keep Promises

When you promise to take your child to a park, make sure you keep it. These basic things are likely to be helpful in building trust between you and your child.

Encourage them to Respect Themselves

When a child learns the art of self-respect, he will eventually learn to respect other people. If you tell him that his opinion matters, he will be able to listen to others as well.

At Hallmark Public School, considered among the top 10 schools in Panchkula, we look forward to building our students and turn them into future leaders.

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