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The Importance of Lesson Plans

The Importance of Lesson Plans

by Hallmark, 01/04/2019

Planning, which means deciding in advance what is to be done in order to achieve the desired goal is an important aspect of teaching. A lesson plan is a teacher’s roadmap to teaching a lesson for one class. It gives a detailed description of the objectives of teaching, activities undertaken by the teacher to teach that topic and resources or teaching required.

Hallmark Public School, one of the best CBSE schools in Chandigarh is known to believe in the system of lesson planning because of the following reasons:

1. Organized Teaching

When each step is organized in a logical manner, it provides an opportunity for the fresh teachers to be better prepared and avoid mistakes. Teaching takes place in an organized way without its originality being affected when the teacher has a lesson plan.

2. Effective Teaching

If the two basic questions of what to teach and how to teach are pre-answered by teachers themselves it helps increase the efficiency of teaching. It gives teachers clarity of what topics are to be taught and how they should be taught, it helps match lecturing patterns to the learning abilities of students.

3. A Reference Tool For Substitute Teachers

The students do not suffer if their teacher is on leave. Lesson plans assist a substitute teacher to take the position of other teachers. As the plan has all the details of lessons covered and the topics yet to be touched. This fosters an easy transition for the students as well as the new teacher.

4. Gives Direction

A lesson plan is a perfect time management tool in classrooms. It helps a teacher lecture the important sections of a topic within the prescribed time period. With the tool of a lesson plan register, the teacher will be able to teach with a better sense of direction and control.

5. More Engaging

There is no need for over-reliance on textbooks when teachers make a list of the activities to be undertaken while delivering a lesson. Teaching mechanisms such as games, visual aids increase the interest and curiosity of students.

Thus, we at Hallmark Public School, one of the best schools in Tricity believe a well- chalked out plan helps a teacher to be more prepared and the students understand better.

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