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Tips and Tricks to Crack CBSE Board Exam

Tips and Tricks to Crack CBSE Board Exam

by Hallmark, 30/01/2019

With Boards bell ringing tension creeps inside your mind. Making you restless and jittery. While boards are certainly an important milestone in your career journey don’t get caught up with the tension created around it. Treat it gravely and pay proper attention to the preparation of your boards and nail it with flying colours.

We at Hallmark Public School, being the best CBSE schools in Panchkula, are unveiling the secrets that can act as a game changer:


It is rightly said – “Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it”. In your coming 365 days regime, there will be moments when managing time and schedule will press you hard and that is exactly when you have to remember the above-mentioned quote for smooth sailing. Discipline and time management is the first key which will turn your dreams into reality.

Making Effective Notes

Make clear and comprehensive notes of all your chapters and assignments. This will not only help you in revisiting all that you have scribbled down at the time of revision but will give you clear insight and understanding of your syllabus and material. In short, it will make your daily learning journey, easy and simple.

Taking Periodic Exams Seriously

Your Periodic exams, like a class test, quarterly, half yearly. Preboard exams are precursor and reflection to your finale performance in boards. Pay attention and focus to every test and exam. Make serious efforts to ensure good performance in these and remember, it’s said – “All-Big things often have small beginnings”.

Previous Year Question Paper

This is one platform which will shoot up your confidence level and morale as solving as solving previous year question paper will act as a testimony to your expected performance in coming boards. Set your clock, make your parent or friend invigilator and start writing. Don’t forget to start this activity on the countdown of 30-45 days along with rigorous revision.

Say “NO” to Distractions

As soon as you start studying your notes, your cousin text you about the party she attended last night. After exchanging a few texts with her in a span of 10 mins you start studying again. After some time, there is a Facebook notification from your friend. You intend to spend only 2 minutes on Facebook to check her post but then you start scrolling down to other updates and another 15 minutes passes by, only to realize that you lost 30 mins from your study schedule. Say “NO” to distractions during your study hours this year. Like a cell phone, internet, too many people interactions or parties. Maintain your privacy and be focused on your goal.

At Hallmark Public School, counted among top 10 CBSE schools in Panchkula, we just want to remind our students that don’t let boards give you jitters. Just invest your time and energy in right direction for coming 365 days as this platform will certainly act as a building block to your career and you will see cracking it in full swing and synergy.

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