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Educational Trends 2019

Educational Trends 2019

by Hallmark, 27/02/2019

Education is forever changing. The trends followed in 2018 may become obsolete in the coming years. Therefore, it becomes important that we get familiar with new trends each year. There are many loopholes in the education sector which need to be amended by teachers using various strategies. As the best CBSE school in Panchkula, we at Hallmark Public School keep evolving our strategies that benefit the student in their overall development.

Here are a few trends in education that you need to look for in 2019:


Technology is indeed the future. Integrating technology in education makes learning more fun and interactive. It encourages students to perform actively through instant feedback. Rather than viewing the internet as a threat, it can prove to be a significant platform where teachers share resourceful content online. Moreover, online tests and quizzes can help enhance a student’s performance.

Focus on Individual Learning

Each child is unique with a different mental capacity. Teachers now pay attention to individual learning and focus on each child’s need. Some students who are slow learners are given equal importance and are encouraged to improve.

Contextual Learning

Integrating education in real life situation helps students understand a subject better. They get to know about the techniques used in problem-solving. Students are able to retain what they learn in the class by relating two different situations while enhancing their performance.

Focusing on Student’s Interests

Education is not about limiting to four walls of a classroom. Students learn via various methods which help them retain lessons better. The traditional way of teaching the students is being replaced by how and what the students want to learn. The approach is flexible and student-centric, which gives them a sense of satisfaction that they are getting to learn something out of the box.


Feedback is an essential part of the communication process. It helps the sender to know whether the receiver has perceived the information correctly. Students are now able to put forward their opinions in front of the teachers which wasn’t appreciated earlier. Teachers welcome any suggestion that helps them improve the students’ performance.

The Hallmark Public School is counted amongst the top 10 schools in Chandigarh, due to its efficiency in evolving with respect to the latest educational trends. We make sure our students are ready to overcome any challenge they face.

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